"900" Series
12 Cylinder Dual Ignition, "J" Series Engine
4 Speed Manual Transmission w/ low range
1000 Gallon per minute pump
300 Gallon booster tank

     In June of 1997 East Lake Fire & Rescue purchased a 1961 American LaFrance from Middletown Fire Company in Bortondale, PA for a cost of $2,300.00.  Another $1,100.00 was spent to have the truck transported to Florida.  East Lake Fire Fighters raised the money through community donations, fund raisers and approved funds from the Board of Commissioners.  The main purpose of this truck is for Fire Prevention.  Several months and endless man hours were spent refurbishing and converting this truck for Fire Prevention use.  The hosebed has been converted into a passenger compartment, complete with benches and seatbelts.  The truck is able to hold a total of 15 passengers, all in seat belts. 

   The Antique Truck is primarily used during fire prevention month to transport students back and forth from the elementary school to the fire station for presentations and station tours.  The truck is also used for birthday parties, parades, special events and our ever so popular Santa Program.  It has been a wonderful fire prevention tool that is enjoyed by the entire community.

squirtingwater.gif (211751 bytes) kids_on_truck.gif (179936 bytes) elsanta.gif (61509 bytes) ohantiqueride2.jpg (46525 bytes)
kids squirting water kids ridding on the truck during Fire Prevention month Santa on the truck truck rides during open house

   The following photos show the transformation of the Antique Truck as well as the many volunteer hours given by our firefighters to turn this dream into a reality.

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Original_truck_delivery.gif (232320 bytes) fullcab.gif (145138 bytes) Rogers_sanding.gif (133568 bytes) malzone_sanding.gif (87961 bytes)
Just delivered! our first year with the truck  sanding... sanding...
parks_boehm_sanding.gif (147353 bytes) parks_boehm_sanding2.gif (159946 bytes) priming_in_bay1.gif (136846 bytes) priming_in_bay2.gif (148576 bytes)
and more sanding...

preparing to prime

Painting the white in the apparatus bay

jim_sanding.gif (127344 bytes) jason_sanding.gif (93981 bytes) truck_parts.gif (209132 bytes) loading_truck.gif (144621 bytes)
sanding the primer sanding the rims chrome parts heading for paint shop
sprayingtruck.gif (154527 bytes) freshly_painted.gif (114137 bytes) painted_truck_returning.gif (158517 bytes) painting_rims.gif (112349 bytes)
painting the truck freshly painted painted truck returning painting the lug nuts
decals1.gif (149763 bytes)

decals3.gif (110435 bytes)

Atruckdonation.gif (159053 bytes) atruckcomplaque.gif (124223 bytes)
calculating decal patterns applying decals and stripping donation plaque truck committee plaque
Antique Truck
American_Lafrance.gif (198773 bytes)
Finished Product!

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We would like to thank all those who have donated their time and or money to help make this truck possible.